2020 Chrysler 300 gets new colors, a new package, and new prices

Though the Chrysler 300 is performing a fairly very good effect of a listless, drifting ghost ship, there are merchandise planners at the helm, and they have giveth and taken away for the 2020 model 12 months. As with the past time we acquired news about the 300, some of this will come from Mopar Insiders rather of Fiat Chrysler, and it seems the Chrysler create website has not caught up to every thing nevertheless. Perhaps most important to prospective purchasers, which is reflected on the create webpage, prices have risen wherever from $50 to $370 throughout the lineup. The 2020 costs and the improvements in contrast to 2019 are:

  • Touring RWD, $29,590 (+$120)
  • Touring AWD, $32,340 (+$370)
  • Touring L RWD, $33,115 (Unchanged)
  • Touring L AWD, $35,865 (+$250)
  • S RWD, $36,695 (+$50)
  • Minimal RWD, $38,595 (+$100)
  • S AWD, $39,445 (+$300)
  • Minimal AWD, $41,345 (+$350)
  • C RWD, $41,995 (+$50)

The Sport Overall look Package deal on the Touring trim demands a tiny extra cash, also, going from $1,295 to $1,495. The package puts on a 300S grille with a black chrome encompass, gloss black window surrounds, black headlight bezels, black LED taillights, dazzling chrome wing badges with black inserts, and 20-inch Black Sounds wheels on the RWD design, 19-inchers on the AWD.

From very last year’s palette of 8 colors, two are no more: Utmost Steel and Ceramic Grey. Frostbite, a well known white supplied on the Dodge Challenger and Charger, has been included to the 300’s decisions. New hues Amethyst and Canyon Sunset will be extra but are late availability. Inside of, Black/Linen and Mocha inside colours enhance the selection. The $475 Interior Visual appeal Group that brought features like vibrant pedals and premium ground mats has been finished absent with, as well.

The make website won’t present the Pink S Overall look Package deal for the 300S trim, but it really is a issue. The solution involves Black Sound exterior badging with pink inserts on the wing badge, a crimson “S” badge on the decklid, and 20-inch Black Sound wheels on the RWD design. It can be paired with a new Radar Red inside which is also nowhere to be uncovered on the configurator. The Pink S Visual appeal Package can be paired with any exterior coloration besides Frostbite, and expenses $295.

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