4 evidence that your house has electrical problems

4 evidence that your house has electrical problems

An electrical problem in our home is the most common phenomenon. Many times we may not pay any attention to signs that something is wrong with our home’s electrical wiring.

Many times a faulty electrical installation can cause serious problems and most importantly endanger human lives. That’s why you always need to do some research before finding the best electrician – ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – for any problem on your electrical.

Our well-trained 24 hour technicians with over 40 specialities as among them are the Athens electricians who are at your disposal for any problem and if you need. They know how to deal with any electrical issues in your area.

Below you will find some things that you should pay attention to when they arise.

1. Security drop

Many times when using electrical appliances the security of your home can fall. This is because circuit breakers are designed to cut off power when a circuit is overloaded, thus preventing the cables from overheating, which could cause electrical damage or even fire.

So if the fuse drops and while you lift the switch on the electrical panel, it continues to fall, you should find out with the help of a specialist electrician the cause of the problem. Until the electrician arrives you can try plugging your device in and see if the fuse drops again.

2. Lights heat up more than normal

You should always check if the area around the ceiling lights is overheated. Most luminaires are usually non-individual and when overheated they become very hot which makes them capable of causing a fire.

The best way to solve the problem is to replace the bulbs with CFL fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs that produce only the minimum required heat and thus do not pose much risk.

3. Lights flicker

Have you ever noticed fluctuations in lighting intensity? You may be due to changes in the voltage of PPC in your area, but if the others in your apartment building do not face a problem and this only happens in your apartment then there is a problem either of damage or damage to the electrical installation of your home.

Be aware of why fluctuations in voltage can damage your electrical appliances.

4. Cable creates a spark

When you connect a cable to an outlet and create a flash it is called a spark. Small sparks usually appear when you first plug in a device or a TV, however large sparks indicate a problem with the socket or circuit.

The problem may be due to wiring, overload or a faulty device. If it starts to smell burnt then things are definitely worrying.

We should never overlook an electrical problem because we can put ourselves in danger. You can immediately find a reliable electrician and ask him even any question you have as well as call him at your place to quickly and simply solve the problem you are facing.

Installation or repair of a terrestrial antenna by a professional electrician

An experienced professional electrician will come to you for a terrestrial antenna installation or repair. For a number of years you have trusted us with any electrical problem you face.

However, there are many of our fellow human beings who are plagued by the financial crisis. But many of the electrical problems are due to their own fault. Indeed, there are many moments when they themselves have experimented in the past.

Why not trust a qualified and certified electrician?

There are many times when we trust a friend for such a service so as not to pay a professional.
But what will happen if you do not call an electrician and a fault occurs in the future with unpredictable dimensions?

We do not play with our lives and the lives of our children or our family in general.

Most cases of amateur work by a non-professional electrician are sampled below:

Short wires to the panel or even to an electrical outlet can lead to sparks that are not visible at first. Contrary to the passage of time:

  • You will pay an increased bill to PPC or another private company.
  • A power outage can cause the panel or relay panel to drop at an unsuspecting time.
  • Sensitive home appliances, such as a TV, can burn out at best.
  • You will have paid up to 10 times the value of the price for an electrical service.

Reverse – incorrect wiring can cause electric shock to the next electrician. The same is true if the person to be called in to correct a future fault is another non-professional electrician.