8 + 2 Wonderful and simple wall painting styles

8 + 2 Wonderful and simple wall painting styles

The 8 +2 wonderful wall painting styles will excite you. Choosing and combining your favorite colors, they will be a source of inspiration for you to make your own compositions.


Paint your walls if:

  • You want to create an environment with the stamp of your personality
  • You like to experiment with colors
  • Your favorite hobby is decorating and painting
  • You want the most economical decoration proposal
  • You need to constantly renew your space
  • You want to add value to your already painted walls

Step by step, through practical and short ideas how you can apply the painting styles on the walls of your home, office or shop! With excellent tools, lots of experience and fun, Gikas painters New Jersey take over your new painting project!


1. Horizontal Riga painting style

This is a simple wall painting style and is considered very easy. You only need a few “tools” such as rope, chalk, paper tape, tape measure and natural colors of your choice. Horizontal stripes can be designed on all the walls of a room or only on a wall that has no other elements e.g. bookcase, shelf etc. It is one of the most popular painting styles as you choose for both living rooms (bedrooms, living room or dining rooms) but also for business premises (waiting rooms, offices) or dining areas (restaurants, cafes).


+1. Horizontal Riga style near the ceiling

Another version of the horizontal stripe which is drawn high on the wall, very close to the ceiling. Depending on the thickness of the stripe and the colors that will be chosen, the horizontal stripe can give the feeling of greater or lesser height in the space. The “strong point” of this style is the personality it gives to the space. In simple rooms it adds prestige and finesse!


2. Vertical Riga style

Equally simple wall painting style. To design, you can choose colors in different shades, one color in different tones or one color in different finishes (matte and glossy or satin). It is usually recommended for a single wall of the space and gives the feeling of wallpaper.


3. Ombre painting style

Special and rare wall painting style. Perhaps a little more complex, it is aimed at people who are comfortable handling paint brushes. Whether you use different shades of the same color or completely different colors, the result is impressive. Due to its strong character, this style is also applied to only one wall. It is found both in bedrooms and in business premises (e.g. reception rooms of hotels, beauty salons, tourist offices, museums, etc.).


4. Circle painting style

Very simple and easy style. With exceptional advantages. It can be applied literally anywhere. In all the rooms of a house, in business premises, in dining areas…. It will definitely attract the visitors of the place and the impressions will be only positive! It can be applied even on walls that have been painted for a long time, and we just want an economical, unusual and attractive renewal. As for the tools, you definitely already have most of them!! If we have to mention a “weak” point of this style is the firm hand that is needed. But even this, with the right practice, you get it easily. Decorate and transform your walls, experiment with circles, small and large, interior, exterior, with overlapping in different colors.


5. Polka dot painting style

The polka dot painting style can also be found as a confetti style because it consists of small circles in different colors, scattered or in a row to decorate our walls. We really like this technique, it is full of energy, colors and a lot of freedom. In the video you will see the circles are aligned in order. This is just one version of the polka dot style. You, if you want, can draw the circles in a free layout or choose the oval technique as shown below.


+2. Oval style

Did you like the polka dot painting style! but you want something more “carefree“. Then the oval style is your first choice. Beautiful, bright and playful style τά only asks you to experiment with colors and sizes. If you choose it for the children’s room, combine it with ecological colors and ask for the help of our little friends. It is a wonderful opportunity for creative employment of parents and children that will surely excite them.


6. Cell painting style

Like all the painting styles presented in this article, the honeycomb style is very simple to grasp and the tools needed are simple and everyday. The difference with other techniques is that the shapes have many angles. This gives it seriousness and prestige. This is why it is chosen mainly when we want to give the space an elegance and personality added value. Of course, the choice of colors also plays an important role in the sense of the final result.


7. Diamond painting style

The diamond painting style has many features in common with the “vertical stripe” and the beehives. It is applied to an entire wall and rarely to all the walls of the room. Creates spaces with a unique elegant personality. Here, too, you can choose colors in different shades, one color in different tones or one color in different finishes (matte and glossy or satin).


8. Style of Geometric Designs

Playful painting style to decorate the walls with triangles, polygons, circles in different colors. As you will see in the video with a little imagination the triangles can become mountains, the circles can become the sun, the polygons can become stars και .and all together a pleasant, enchanting children’s room.

Decorative tips exclusively from the Gikas Painters team. If you want more decorating ideas and painting tips you can visit Gikas Website and read about Home Decoration & Color Combinations ideas.

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