Elior acquires food delivery startup Nestor – TechCrunch

Corporate catering enterprise Elior has acquired French startup Nestor for an undisclosed amount of money. Nestor initially started off with a simple concept to differentiate by itself from food stuff delivery giants, these kinds of as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and other folks.

Every working day, the startup made available a single menu for lunch. If you liked what was on the menu, you could order and get shipped 10 to 20 minutes later. By supplying a solitary menu, a delivery man or woman could supply various customers in a one trip. Likewise, by running its very own kitchen area, Nestor could boost its margins as it didn’t have to shell out third-get together restaurants.

Because I to start with lined Nestor in 2016, the company has been money effective and typically centered on this distinctive product presenting. Elior claims that Nestor managed to achieve 10,000 foods per week.

More than the past few months, Nestor has tried using to start new features. For occasion, providers can change to Nestor for their canteens. The startup provides foods in fridges immediately. It reminds me of Foodles, an additional French startup concentrated on canteen-like companies.

Nestor can also provide individually packed lunches in situation you are shelling out the working day with some purchasers for a big conference. Popchef has also pivoted to aim far more on that phase.

Following the acquisition, Nestor is going to focus extra and much more on the B2B industry. Even though Elior is doing the job with huge corporations in glass towers, it has been very tough to persuade smaller and medium businesses to open a canteen in the business office.

The product sales pitch could be summed up in two sentences. Nestor shoppers do not require to have their individual kitchen area as anything is well prepared in advance. And workers never have to look through Deliveroo at lunch time to uncover something that is not a burger or a pizza.

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