Hummer electric pickup logo possibly revealed by trademark filing

A trademark software has uncovered still a further evolution of the emblem predicted to adorn GMC’s new Hummer EV pickup truck, bringing back again the large “H” badge utilized on the H2 and H3 product strains of the expanded SUV lineup’s heyday. 

The picture incorporated with the submitting depicts a emblem that really should be acquainted to Hummer admirers (or genuinely any American who remaining their house among 2003 and 2010), with “EV” supplanting the outdated numerical product indicator. The “Hummer” and “EV” typeface seems to be a direct carry from a filing that surfaced back again in April. 

This ought to offer some consolation to people who are enthusiasts of the notion of a potential-proofed, all-electric pickup, but want one thing that embodies the charisma and street existence of the styles sold in Hummer’s now-deceased, not-so-environmentally-stunning incarnation. When we really don’t nonetheless know truly any facts of the new all-electrical SUV, we do know it will be marketed via GMC dealers, that means the revived nameplate will not bring the rest of the Hummer brand name together with it. 

We haven’t genuinely witnessed a great deal of the new truck, conserve for teasers and hints below and there. Even the “reveal” back again in June only gave us a obscure, massive-photo appear at the truck’s silhouette, and many companion photographs and videos have hinted at features this kind of as a removable roof assembly. 

The truck’s standard shape is off-street oriented with squared-off, sharp lines tracing the overall silhouette. Its big, knobby tires and blocky wheels are obvious indicators of what GM was aiming for with this electrical pickup. As for the SUV, comparisons to the Ford Bronco four-door will be unavoidable. If our eyes are finding up the scale of this photo properly, nevertheless, the Hummer SUV seems to be a a little much larger automobile than the 4-doorway Bronco is. Despite the fact that, the wheelbase for the SUV is shorter than that of the Hummer truck. That’ll aid it off-road. These smaller bumpers and small overhangs together with the bumper cutouts should be massively beneficial to strategy and departure angles, as effectively.

GMC’s pictures of the Hummer in the studio are similarly as revealing. We can see what looks to be an intense front skid plate and two large tow hooks. In addition to the off-road equipment, GMC has allowed a seem at the frunk. The front “grille” is one particular piece with the hood of the truck, so the complete assembly pulls up. That makes for what seems to be a extremely easy-to-load entrance trunk in comparison to other EVs that drive you to raise items up and more than the front of the auto.

Since the new Hummer is properly a mutt, we can look forward to looking at features from its sister brands, which include the subsequent-era variation of Cadillac’s Tremendous Cruise. We’ll have to hold out until eventually the truck’s official unveiling in the tumble, in advance of which we assume to start out obtaining extra concrete information from GM. GM claims you will be able to reserve the Hummer on the internet for delivery in drop 2021. That suggests we’re just a very little about a yr away from staying in a position to drive the electric powered Hummer truck and SUV.

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