πόρτες ασφαλείας


There is a bank, which has a room that floods to prevent robbery. Security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας cannot provide that kind of security but can keep your family and belongings safe from burglary.

During the 3rd cycle of the famous Netflix series La Casa de Papel, one of the robbers snorkels to enter the flooded room with the safe at the Bank of Spain. As it turned out, this is based on the real security measures of the central bank of Spain.

In particular, the bank based in Madrid does have a booth in its vault that floods with water if robbers try to break it. And that’s the only obstacle… for would-be robbers.

The robbers in the third season of the famous Spanish series La Casa de Papel break an armored security door in order to reach the gold.

In reality, however, there are three security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας made of steel. The first and largest weighs 16.5 tons. At the same time, it fits so perfectly in its context that the Bank of Spain says that not even a fluff can pass through it.

This armored security door then leads to a 35-meter elevator which in turn leads to a vestibule and from there via a drawbridge to a second security door.

Armored security doors

La Casa de Papel: The place becomes… a swimming pool. This is the place that will flood if real robbers manage to get through the first security door and activate the security system. And of course, as one can understand, these are draconian security measures.

Since the construction of the Spanish treasury in the mid-1930s, there has never been “any attempt to enter without permission,” according to the Bank of Spain.

La Casa de Papel: Over 34 million users watched the 3rd round

In the Bank of Spain there is not just one, but three armored security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας that lead to gold. And this myth about the treasure turned out to be a treasure for the contributors. The series has been loved more than any other and over 34 million households have seen at least some of the episodes of the third season.

In the first two rounds, the robbers of La Casa de Papel manage to break into the Royal Mint of Spain to print millions of euros. In the third season, they target the Bank of Spain for its gold and pressure the authorities to release one of their gang members who has been arrested.

Angry members of the gang gather outside the central bank, along with the spiral brain, “El Profesor“, who asks the Spaniards to protest en masse and support their “resistance“, as they call it.

At La Casa de Papel, the scenes depicted as being taken by a Spanish bank were actually taken at the Ministry of Public Works. Meanwhile, the Bank of Spain is perhaps one of the few banks with a flood-proof hall.

Back in the 1930s there were no CCTV cameras, no remote surveillance, no sensors,” said Simon Fahi, CEO of Merrion Vaults in Dublin.

Fahi says he has visited hundreds of crypts in his search to rent or buy them from closing banks. According to him, the precautions of the Spanish bank are unusual. “I have never seen a chamber flood,” he says characteristically.

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