Stylish bags for summer 2020

Stylish bags for summer 2020

We know that summer 2020 is just around the corner and that you can’t wait for your new bags – gynaikeies tsantes! Even though the worldwide health has been affected by a global pandemic, each country is recovering slowly so far and we cannot wait to get into summer. Find the most Stylish bags for summer 2020 below!

If you have been looking for the right bag for this summer, we got you covered. We have prepared an article about the styles of bags and the colours that are in the trends for summer 2020. Keep reading to find out more about the most stylish bags for summer 2020.


Straw and woven bags

Get ready to embrace your inner hippie by choosing a woven or straw bag for this summer. You can find them in many different shapes and shades of beige. Either in natural wood and bristles or leather for a woven bag, these bags are one of a kind and you will love them for your summer strolls.

The most impressive thing about these bags is the fact that they are natural-looking and that you can easily pair them with basically any look. You can wear a white shirt with jeans and a pair of flats, a little black dress for a more formal occasion or even a cocktail dress.

The possibilities are endless and we guarantee that you will steal the show!

Sling bags

Classic pieces that every woman has to have in her closet are the sling bags. You can easily throw them -τσάντες χιαστί- over your shoulder and leave your hands fully functional and free! They are not like the backpacks which are oversized and sometimes they ruin your stylish outfits.

On the contrary, you can find them in a variety of materials and colours and they will save you time when putting an outfit together. Either leather, woven or in different textiles, you will manage to find a sling bag that will fit your style!

The classic leather piece

The leather bag is the most classic but yet stylish piece that every woman has in her wardrobe. In black, brown, white even red, a leather back is a must for every woman and younger girl. It is a versatile bag that can be worn easily in both summer and winter. Choose any shape you like and that will be comfortable for your needs, either a small one or a bigger one.

We know that leather bags are often expensive and not very affordable. Nevertheless, you should invest on a leather bag so that you will have a piece that will accompany you for many years.

The vintage one

In the summer of 2020 we will be seeing more vintage bags. The trends of this years summer are more romantic as the vintage bags with floral prints are back. They are not an eccentric piece as they are often in pale colours such as white, beige or light pink, and their prints are very light and romantic.

You can choose a piece with little small and discrete flowers or another one with bigger and more impressive ones. Some vintage floral bags are also having combination of prints and textures. The choice is up to you!

All about orange

This summer you can go extra with a bright orange bag! There are many choices as far as the shape is concerned as the only thing that matters is for the bag to be orange! You will add a pop of colour to your outfits and you will definitely draw the attention on you.


If you are hesitant about the bright orange and you think that a bigger bag will draw unwanted attention on you, then you could go with a smaller one. Choose a tiny purse or backpack that will give you a hint of colour without being extra.

Oversized tote bags

Another classic piece that every girl has got to have o her closet is the tote bag. The tote bags are totally versatile as you can wear them from the morning until the night time and still be stylish! In this section you have basically hundreds of choices in colours and fabrics as they are in every bag and clothing shop.

Either a leather one or a cotton one with simple or more complex prints, they will become your new favourite bag. You can pair them with any outfit, from dresses with sneakers to jeans with flat sandals and kimonos, the oversized tote bags are here to stay!


Bucket bags

The bucket bags are a bit misunderstood. You will either love them or hate them, there is no space in between. If you want to give them a shot, we are here to tell you more about the bucket bags. You can opt for a leather bucket bag that will accompany you in all your strolls and coffee breaks. If you love colours, you could choose a bright one to make a difference.

Checked patterns

You might think that the checked patterns are a little bit old fashioned but we are here to prove you wrong. Would you not wear a shirt with a checked pattern? They were so in during the winter trends of the past years. The checked bags are great for the winter when it comes to red but you could give them a shot for summer too.

Instead of red, try to choose green, yellow or grey shades so that they will compliment your summer outfits! Do not hesitate to try something new, as the checked trend might surprise you! Just take your time and follow the right steps when choosing a bag!

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