Watch a Bugatti Chiron Sport race a French Navy fighter jet

Bugatti is performed chasing pace records, but it really is locating other means to show what the Chiron’s mighty W16 engine is able of. It introduced a Sport model to a naval base in France and place it head-to-head versus a jet.

On paper, the comparison is barely fair. Driven by Pierre-Henri Raphanel, a previous pilot who is now Bugatti’s formal driver, the Chiron Sport is powered by a quad-turbocharged motor rated at 1,500 horsepower. Produced by Dassault, the Rafale jet boasts about 5,700 horsepower, though its dry bodyweight checks in at about 22,700 pounds.

And but, right after the flag drops, the Chiron races in advance of the Rafale for the initial number of hundred yards. Its guide does not final lengthy Raphanel spelled out the Rafale quickly caught up and took off. Searching at the plane’s specs sheet reveals it begins to leave the floor at 161 mph just after sprinting for close to 450 yards. As soon as it truly is airborne, it’s long gone. It is able of achieving the speed of seem (Mach 1.6 1,227 mph). Even with 16 cylinders, the Chiron is not quite that fast check driver Andy Wallace established a land velocity document in 2019 by driving a longtail model to 304.7 mph.

Slowing down equally equipment is less complicated explained than performed. The runway the Chiron and the Rafale raced on was somewhat quick, so Raphanel began braking at in excess of 217 mph just after accelerating for about a mile. The air brake integrated into the rear end assists scrub off velocity without having undue drama. Landing the Rafale properly necessitates a advanced technique that incorporates 10 pistons, a distinctive anti-skid technique, heat shields to shield the wheels, and nitrogen-crammed tires. It techniques the runway at about 155 mph and arrives to a entire quit in all over 150 yards.

Bugatti brought the a short while ago-released Les L├ęgendes du Ciel edition of the Chiron to the race. It can be a minimal-version design that highlights the tiny-recognized connection between some of the firm’s earliest race cars and aviation with specific graphics and specific trim items, among the other aspects. Even though it initially appears like the sketch of a plane on the doorway panel is all that joins the Rafale and the Chiron, the link is a very little deeper: the jet’s brakes were designed by Messier-Bugatti, a organization now acknowledged as Safran Landing Units that shares prevalent roots with the carmaker.

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