Watch Rimac test the C_Two’s active aerodynamics on track

The founder of electric sporting activities motor vehicle builder Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac, when not encouraging generate new cars, creates YouTube series about people cars. They include things like series such as Learn Rimac Currently and Mondays with Mate. One particular of the a lot more intriguing sequence is the documentary-model appear at the C_Two electrical supercar’s ongoing development, and the most up-to-date episode demonstrates two C_Two prototypes screening new upgraded suspension and active aerodynamics as element of tests announced again in December

The two automobiles viewed sharpening their senses at the Automotodrom Grobnik track outside Rijeka, Croatia, glimpse related but have major differences underneath. A person has an old suspension set up and no active aerodynamic technologies, though the other has an upgraded and improved suspension and Rimac’s total lively aero package. The most noticeable aspect of the process is the rear wing that moves up and down. Meanwhile, hearing the cars whir about is fascinating in its very own appropriate.

If you might be craving far more footage of the C_Two, Rimac has you protected. The EV builder has captured the car’s aerodynamic wind tunnel screening, the crash testing, as properly as the computational approaches used all through the process.

When the C_Two ultimately launches, it will instantly develop into a single of the most highly developed cars on the market place. At its conceptual debut in 2018, Rimac claimed the C_Two would have four electrical motors at each and every wheel and would be run by a 120-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. In total, the C_Two is mentioned to make 1,888 horsepower and 1,696 lb-ft of torque, and it still claimed 404 miles of variety on a solitary charge (by the New European Driving Cycle specifications). The four-digit electricity pushes the vehicle from zero mph to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, down a quarter-mile in 9.1 seconds, and all the way up to a 258-mph top rated pace. Only 150 illustrations of the car will be manufactured.

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